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Maya Civilization

History Lessons

Maya Topic

The Maya Civiization Lessons Pack contains a complete 10-lesson history unit of work for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), with detailed lesson plans, Powerpoint slides and printable activity sheets.

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The ten sessions in this unit aim to give an overview of the history of the Maya Civilization, with a particular focus on the period leading up to the height of the civilization in AD 900.


The aims of the unit for pupils are:

  • To gain an overview of significant people, places and events from the Maya Civilization

  • To explore how the geography of the Maya area impacted trade, daily life and the growth and decline of the civilization

  • To consider broader historical context and draw links with British history and other familiar aspects of world history

  • To become familiar with historical sources, debates, misconceptions and accurate vocabulary relating to the Maya Civilization.

As with all units, there is an emphasis on allowing pupils to consider the sources of evidence that form our understanding of this period of world history. The unit also takes the opportunity to draw contrasts with comparable themes from British history.

Individual Lessons


Skara Brae
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