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8. Who was Pakal the Great?

8. Who was Pakal the Great?

A lesson for KS2 about the Maya leader known as Pakal the Great  - including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets.

This lesson is part of our popular Maya Topic Lesson Pack for KS2.


Lesson: Who was Pakal the Great?

In this lesson, pupils will learn about the Maya leader known as Pakal the Great. Pupils will then be prompted to think about why historical figures may become known as ‘great’ and will consider the extent to which Pakal created his own legacy of greatness. Pupils will then work as a team to examine images of artefacts found in Pakal’s tomb and will undertake a curators’ dilemma activity to identify significant sources. At the end of the lesson, pupils will have the chance to examine the imagery on Pakal’s tomb and to discuss different theories about what they represent.



  • To explain the significance of Pakal the Great

  • To explore sources from Pakal the Great’s tomb

  • To give examples of the archaeological findings at Palenque that tell us about Pakal


  • File Format

    This resource is a zipped file containing:

    Lesson Plan and Resource Sheet (PDF file)

    Lesson Slides (both Powerpoint and PDF version included)

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