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The 'Introduction to the Victorians' lesson is the first lesson in our popular Victorians Unit for KS2.



You can download this full lesson as a free sample!

Victorians Lesson Ks2 introduction.png

Introduction to the Victorians Lesson

FREE to download


A FREE full lesson for KS2 introducing the Victorian period, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and pupil resource sheets. This is the first lesson from our Victorians Planning Pack for KS2.

Introduction to the Victorians
This free-to-download lesson introduces the Victorian period and helps pupils to set it into its wider context in British history. After completing a timeline activity, pupils will gain an overview of facts about the period and then engage with a set of historical sources to make deductions about life in Victorian times.

* To put the Victorian period into historical context
* To use historical sources to find out about the Victorian period

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class.

Introduction Victorians Lesson.png

The download folder contains 1 Powerpoint file and 1 PDF file with the lesson plan and pupil resources. Please download both files.

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Introduction to the Victorians

Introduction Victorians Lesson.png

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