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Book reviews




We review some of the best books for use in the classroom based on the Victorians topic.

Street Child

This novel is a very popular choice for KS2 classes. Loosely based on a true story, Street Child is the inspirational tale of a poor Victorian boy fighting for survival on the grim streets of Victorian London. The novel is full of suspense and is a gripping read that will captivate pupils and teachers alike.

There is also an accompanying Read & Respond guide available here.


A change from the many stories set in Victorian London, this popular new novel finds its setting in nineteenth-century Cardiff. With a gripping plot from start to finish, this book tells the story of a young girl called Nansi, who tries to survive the bleak reality of being impoverished and female in the perilous streets of Victorian England. 


This popular novel draws it readers into a fantastical imagining of Victorian London, capturing its obsession for all things mechanical. Follow the adventures of Lily, a feisty young girl who undertakes an exciting adventure to find the truth about her father’s disappearance. With a little help from some unlikely friends, Lily navigates a world of treacherous villains in a truly gripping race against time.

Oliver Twist

Dickens' classic story of Oliver Twist has been retold for primary aged children in a creative and engaging way. This version of Oliver Twist also includes a section of extra information and discussion points about the story in its Victorian context.

Hetty Feather

This story by the popular children's author Jacqueline Wilson has recently been made into a television series on CBBC. Hetty Feather tells the story of a Victorian orphan girl called Hetty and the adventures she has under the strict rule of the matron at the Foundling Hospital where she is sent to learn to become a maid. 

You can also buy the CBBC adaptation of Hetty Feather on DVD - available here .

100 Facts Victorian Britain

This accessible information text offers a wealth of fascinating facts, projects and cartoons. Topics in 100 Facts Victorian Britain include the workhouse, inventions, food and clothing.

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