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The Shang


Here we review some of the best fiction and non-fiction books to go with topics about the Shang Dynasty.

Shang Dynasty China (Great Civilisations)

This book introduces key aspects of life in The Shang Dynasty through examining a series of objects and archaeological findings. Full of high quality pictures, this information text encourages an investigative approach to history.

Tales from China

Tales from China is a collection of myths and legends from Ancient China. You will meet magicians, ghosts, fairies, demons and gods in these exciting stories of mystery and magic.

The Willow Pattern Story

This is the story behind the famous blue and white willow pattern from Ancient China. With beautiful illustrations and an unusual end, The Willow Pattern Story will leave both pupils and teachers enchanted.

The Firework Maker's Daughter

A popular novel set in Ancient China, suitable for Upper KS2 or more confident readers. The Firework Maker's Daughter is the captivating story of Lila, who wants to be a firework maker just like her father. Follow her dangerous quest through strange lands as she journeys to the evil Fire-Fiend.

The History Detective Investigates: The Shang Dynasty

This book covers the main historical aspects of The Shang Dynasty from its early development through to its fall after the Battle of Muye. The text is filled with high quality glossy pictures of artefacts and objects from Shang times and is a good introduction to some of the key historical sources.

The Kite Rider

If you are looking for something to engage KS2 on the theme of Ancient China, this gripping action-packed novel is for you. Haoyou feels compelled to save his mother from being forced into a new marriage after the death of his father. Can Haoyou use his powerful kite to find away of reaching his father’s spirit, who dwells with the spirits of the dead among the clouds?

If I Were a Kid in Ancient China

This information text offers an exciting insight into what life would have been like for children in Ancient China. This is an important non-fiction addition to your classroom library and a great way to see history through the eyes of a child.

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