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Here we review some of the best fiction and non-fiction books to go with topics about the Egyptians.

The Egyptian Cinderella

The Egyptian Cinderella takes the familiar story of Cinderella and transports it into the context of Ancient Egypt. Rhodipis is an orphaned slave girl from Greece, whose red slipper ends up in the hands of the Prince of Egypt. Follow her story as the Pharaoh searches for Rhodipis to makes her the Egyptian Queen.

Check out our Egyptian Cinderella Literacy Pack to go with this text.

The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess

This novel is part of the popular Time-Travelling Cat series. Follow the historical adventures of Topher and his cat, Ka, as they travel back in time to Ancient Egypt. Meet pharaohs, cat-worshippers and goddesses in this dramatic tale full of twists and turns. The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess is a great mystery story to read out loud.

Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris

This is a beautiful and unusual hands-on text that will engage and enchant pupils and teachers alike. Egyptology recounts the lost expedition of Emily Sands in her 1926 scrapbook journal. Encounter jewels, mummy cloth, hieroglyphs and a working board game. Egyptology brings art, literacy and history together in a stunning and imaginative way. This book is a real gem for the classroom and certainly one with the wow factor.

Flat Stanley: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery

Flat Stanley: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery is a good choice of text for a younger class or for less confident readers. In this quick-paced adventure, Stanley is airmailed to Egypt to search the great pyramids for ancient treasure at the request of an archaeologist.

Egyptian Things to Make and Do

This book is both an essential for teachers planning an Egyptian topic and an easy-to-follow instructional text in its own right. Projects in Egyptian Things to Make and Do include a pharaoh’s headdress, a moving Egyptian god puppet, a mummy in a sarcophagus and more.

If I Were a Kid in Ancient Egypt

This information text offers an exciting insight into what life would have been like for children in Ancient Egypt. Step into a world where houses are made of mud bricks and children wore no clothes! If I Were a Kid in Ancient Egypt is an important non-fiction addition to your classroom library.

The Scarab's Secret

A popular choice for KS2 but currently out of print, this is the simple tale of a small scarab beetle called Khepri who discovers a terrifying trap in the Pharaoh's newly designed tomb. Short enough to read in one sitting but deep enough to base a whole unit of work on, The Scarab's Secret is thought-provoking and beautifully illustrated. Highly recommended if you can get a copy!

Everything Ancient Egypt

This is a popular information text for children, complete with high quality images and packed with facts designed to answer key questions about Ancient Egypt.

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