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Stone Age Resources KS2

Rotten or revolutionary, the Romans certainly did leave a lasting legacy! From gladiators and gods to eruptions and emperors, we love diving into this history topic! 

There's plenty to explore in this topic, but nil desperandum! Our team at KS2History has put together everything you need to bring your Romans history topic to life in the classroom, from planning packs and downloadable lessons to book ideas and info guides.


Planning Packs

Romans Lessons for KS2.jpg

Romans In Britain

Lessons Pack

A complete 10-lesson history unit of work for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), with detailed lesson plans, Powerpoint slides, teacher guides and printable activity sheets.

Escape from Pompeii

Escape From Pompeii English Pack

A two-week narrative writing English unit for Y3/4 based on the book 'Escape From Pompeii'.

Romans Instructions

Romans Instructions

English Pack

A two-week instructional text writing English unit for Y3/4, based on reading and writing instructions for gladiator fights and building Roman roads.

Roman invasion of Britain free

FREE LESSON: How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire?

A free-to-download lesson exploring the question of why the Romans wanted to invade Britain and comparing the different invasion attempts.



Info Guides
Curriculum Ideas

Video Links

A video from BBC Hands-on History about 10-year old Eric and his adventures in Roman Britain.

A video from Sing Up teaching a witty song about life in Roman times.

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