Romans in Britain Resource Pack (Download)

Romans in Britain Resource Pack (Download)

Downloadable planning pack based on the topic 'Roman Britain'. The Romans in Britain Resource Pack contains a complete unit of work for lower KS2, with detailed lesson plans, teacher guides and pupil resources.



> 10 detailed lesson plans

> Teachers' notes with curriculum coverage

> Pupil activity sheets for all lessons


Lesson include:

The Romans Planning Pack includes the following lessons:
1. Introduction: How did the Roman Empire begin?
2. Rise and Conquer!: How did the Roman army help the Roman Empire to expand?
3. Invading Britannia: How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire?
4. Who was Boudica?: How did Boudica rebel against the Romans?
5. Building up Britain: What did the Romans build after they settled in Britain?
6. Time to Relax!: What did people do for leisure in Roman Britain?
7. Digging up the Past: What do archaeological sites tell us about Roman Britain?
8. Home Sweet Home: What were houses like in Roman Britain?
9. What did the Romans do for us?: What important things did the Romans introduce to Britain?

10. Summing Up: What have we learned about this period of history?


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    1 x PDF file including all lesson plans and pupil resource sheets.


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