Romans in Britain Resource Pack (Download)

Romans in Britain Resource Pack (Download)

Downloadable planning pack based on the topic 'Roman Britain'. The Romans in Britain Resource Pack contains a complete unit of work for lower KS2, with detailed lesson plans, teacher guides and pupil resources.



1. Where did the Roman Empire  come from?  
2. How did the Roman army help to expand the Roman Empire?
3. What was Britain like before the Romans invaded?  
4. How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire?
5. Who was Boudica and how did she rebel against the Romans?
6. What did the Romans build after they settled in Britain?
7. What were houses like in Roman Britain?  
8. What can archaeological sites tell us about Roman Britain?
9. How did bathhouses provide leisure for Romans in Britain?
10. What lasting impact did the Romans leave in Britain?


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This resource is a zip file containing 1 PDF file and  10 x PPT files.


  • File Format

    1 x ZIP FILE including:

    -1 PDF file including all lesson plans and pupil resource sheets.
    - 10 separate Powerpoint files (one for each lesson)