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The Stone Age Boy Planning Pack contains a two-week English unit of work for Year 3/4, based on the book 'Stone Age Boy'.

Stone Age Boy English Planning Pack


The ten lessons in this unit aim to give children the opportunity to read and listen to the Stone Age Boy story a number of times.


In the first week, children will engage with the text through drama, discussion and debate in order to increase their familiarity with the structure of the story and they will have the opportunity to articulate ideas about the text using an increasingly varied vocabulary. There is also a grammar focus on using adverbials of time and place and a chance to develop thesaurus skills.


In the second week, pupils will plan their own story based on the structure of Stone Age Boy and they will then have the opportunity to draft, edit and present their final narrative.

The English objectives covered in this unit are:


To ask and answer questions about a text

To use a thesaurus to improve my writing

To use adverbials of time and place

To prepare a short drama piece based on a text

To take part in a class debate

To make a story plan

To write my own narrative

To edit my writing

To make decisions about how to present my writing

Stone Age Boy

Planning Pack

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