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History Lessons

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The Victorians Lessons Pack contains a complete 10-lesson history unit of work for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), with detailed lesson plans, Powerpoint slides, teacher guides and printable activity sheets.

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Skara Brae


> 10 lesson Powerpoint files
> 10 detailed lesson plans
> Teachers' notes, including curriculum coverage
> Pupil activity sheets for all lessons

The ten sessions in this unit aim to provide an overview of the significance of the Victorian period within the wider narrative of British history. The unit enables pupils to contrast everyday life during the Victorian period with modern British lifestyles and to consider some of the major changes during this period and their effects on the social, physical and cultural landscape - including the impact of the Industrial Revolution and the railways - and will examine differing perspectives on the changes. This unit includes studies of significant people and events and aims to enable pupils to become familiar with historical sources and accurate vocabulary relating to the Victorian period.

As with all of our KS2History units, there is an emphasis on allowing pupils to consider the sources of evidence that form our understanding of this period of history and to make links to modern times.

Individual Lessons


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