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Here we review some of the best fiction and non-fiction books to go with topics about the Kingdom of Benin.

The Kingdom of Benin

The Kingdom of Benin is an accessible information text based on the tribes of the ancient Kingdom of Benin and the way in which the kingdom changed and developed over time. This book is colourful, informative and designed to be accessible to young readers.

Kingdom of Benin Short Stories: Ehi and Uki

There are not many traditional stories from Benin written for children, but these short stories have been retold especially for Key Stage 2. Kingdom of Benin Short Stories feature Ehi, an Edo warrior chief who heads off to war, and Uki, whose dance group is chosen to dance for the king at a tribal festival.

Diary of An Edo Princess

Follow the experiences of a princess growing up in the Kingdom of Benin in this fictional diary written especially for Key Stage 2. Diary of An Edo Princess book also has links to online comprehension questions and it is perfect for guided reading.

The author has also created a KS2 Activity Pack based on this book.

Tales from Africa

An impressive range of traditional folk tales and legends drawn from all over Africa. Rich and accessible, the pitch of the stories in Tales from Africa is perfect for KS2.

The History Detective Investigates: Benin 900-1897 CE

This book covers the main historical aspects of Benin Kingdom from its early development through to its destruction in 1897. The text is filled with high quality glossy pictures of artefacts and objects from Benin Kingdom and is a good introduction to some of the key historical sources.

Benin Empire (Great Civilisations)

This book introduces key aspects of life in Benin Kingdom through examining a series of objects and archaeological findings. The objects point to important people, places or concepts that help historians to put together a picture of what life was like in Benin Kingdom.

Africa Is Not a Country

This non-fiction text is a celebration of the diversity of the African continent. Discover how different daily life can be for children from all over Africa and break through common myths and misconceptions. A classroom essential.

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