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Curriculum Ideas



  • Use programming software to design an obstacle course for a Roman gladiator character

  • Make a stop-motion animation of the story of Boudica or Romulus & Remus

  • Create and edit a video of your own version of one of the many Roman story books available


  • Design & build a Roman aqueduct model that really carries water

  • Make a pair of Roman sandals that fit your feet

  • Make and evaluate a Roman catapult (you can find instructions here)

  • Make your own chocolate Roman road (check out our instructions pack)


  • Make maps to show the expansion of the Roman empire

  • Find out about how volcanoes are formed and where they are found

  • Compare the capital cities of Italy and the UK

  • Map out where Romans built roads in the UK

  • Make a tourist guide to Hadrian's Wall or another Roman site




  • Figure out Roman road routes around your school using only straight lines and right angles

  • Learn to count using Roman numerals

  • Try this BBC Romans shopping challenge and extend it with your own numbers

  • Investigate the areas of different Roman villas

  • Weigh out ingredients to make Roman bread. Work out how you would need to scale up the ingredients for a class feast



  • Investigate the best materials for Roman helmets or shields

  • Make your own exploding volcanoes (instructions can be found here) and find out about the chemical reactions involved

  • Investigate different ways of cleaning old Roman coins. Try cola, vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda

  • Find out what kind of armour Roman soldiers wore to protect their bodies

  • Learn about our skeletons and how they are designed to act like armour for different organs

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