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The Stone Age Cave Art lesson is the third lesson in our popular Stone Age to Iron Age Unit for KS2.



You can download this full lesson as a free sample!

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Stone Age Cave Art Lesson

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A FREE full lesson for KS2 introducing Stone Age cave art, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint slides and pupil resource sheets. This lesson can also be found in the Stone Age to Iron Age Unit for KS2.


What was Stone Age cave art?
This lesson gives pupils the opportunity to examine pictures of cave art from the Stone Age. Pupils will identify common images in the cave paintings and consider what they tell us about life in the Stone Age. After learning about how Stone Age artists created their cave paintings, pupils will have the chance to get creative with their own versions of prehistoric cave art.



  • To explore the style of Stone Age cave art

  • To find out how cave paintings were created

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class. This is the third lesson from our popular Stone Age to Iron Age Unit for KS2.




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The download folder contains 1 Powerpoint file and 1 PDF file with the lesson plan and pupil resources. Please download both files.

Stone Age Cave Art

cave art lesson ks2.png

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