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Ancient Egyptians

History Lessons

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The Ancient Egyptians Lessons Pack contains a complete 10-lesson history unit of work for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), with detailed lesson plans, Powerpoint slides, teacher guides and printable activity sheets.

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> 10 lesson Powerpoint files
> 10 detailed lesson plans
> Teachers' notes, including curriculum coverage
> Pupil activity sheets for all lessons

The ten sessions in this unit aim to give an overview of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, focussing on the period between the time of the first pharaoh around 3100 BC to the Roman invasion in 31 BC, when Egypt became part of the Roman Empire. Across the unit, pupils will look at the impact of notable people and events as well as broader themes of significance, achievements, chronology and legacy.

As with all of our KS2History units, there is an emphasis on allowing pupils to consider the sources of evidence that form our understanding of this period of history and to make links to modern times.

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