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8. What did Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics mean?

A full lesson for KS2 about Ancient Egpyitan hieroglyphics. The resource includes a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and pupil resource sheets.


What did Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics mean?

In this lesson, pupils will look at historical sources containing Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and look closely for familiar symbols among the writing. Pupils will learn about what kind of messages were written in hieroglyphics, discuss some of the issues around translation and use a hieroglyphics key to make their own Egyptian cartouche.



  • To discover what Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs looked like
  • To explore the issue of translating hieroglyphics

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class.


This lesson is part of the KS2History Ancient Egyptians Planning Pack for KS2.


  • File Formats

    1 x PDF File (lesson plan and pupil resource sheets)

    1 x Powerpoint (whiteboard slides)