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The Stone Age Boy Literacy Pack contains a two-week unit of work for Year 3/4, based on the book 'Stone Age Boy'.

The Great Kapok Tree Planning Pack contains a
two-week English unit of work for Year 3/4, based on the book 'The Great Kapok Tree'.

Great Kapok Tree Planning

The Great

Kapok Tree

Planning Pack

The Great Kapok Tree

The Great Kapok Tree Planning Pack


This is a two-week unit of English work, based on the book 'The Great Kapok Tree'. The Maya believed that the Kapok tree was sacred. Although this story does not directly mention the Mayans, it centres around the fate of a Kapok tree in the Amazon rainforest and for this reason many teachers use this popular text alongside their Maya topic or topics about the rainforest. It can also be used as a standalone English unit.


The ten lessons in this unit use drama, discussion and creative activities to help pupils to engage imaginatively with the text. Pupils will become familiar with the structure of dilemma stories and then write and edit their own dilemma stories based on 'The Great Kapok Tree'. There is also a grammar focus on using direct speech and plenty of activities designed to develop vocabulary.


The English objectives covered in this unit are: 

  • To retrieve information from non-fiction

  • To design a ‘great tree’ setting 

  • To explore the structure of dilemma stories

  • To punctuate direct speech correctly

  • To use a range of speech verbs

  • To use adverbs in dialogue (higher group)

  • To identify persuasive devices

  • To use a dictionary to find definitions

  • To write a persuasive letter

  • To prepare a group performance

  • To plan a dilemma story

  • To write my own dilemma story

  • To edit and evaluate my writing

  • To use a thesaurus

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