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8. What were Victorian schools like?

8. What were Victorian schools like?

A full lesson for KS2 about Victorian schools, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and pupil resource sheets.

What was life like for working Victorian children?
In this lesson, pupils will compare their own experiences of school to life in a Victorian classroom. Pupils will learn about key changes in the Victorian period regarding who could go to school. Then they will have the opportunity to role-play being a Victorian school pupil, completing three different activities from Victorian classrooms: drill, nature drawing and handwriting in the copperplate style.



  • To find out how rules about who could go to school changed over the Victorian period
  • To compare Victorian schools with modern-day schooling

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class.



This lesson is part of the KS2History Victorians Planning Pack.


  • File Formats

    1 x PDF File (lesson plan and pupil resource sheets)

    1 x Powerpoint (whiteboard slides)

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