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7. What were houses like in Roman Britain?

7. What were houses like in Roman Britain?

A lesson for KS2 comparing types of houses in Roman Britain - including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets.

This lesson is part of our popular Roman Britain Lesson Pack for KS2.


Lesson: What were houses like in Roman Britain?

Pupils will learn about the different houses found in Roman Britain and what sort of people might live in each house type. After comparing house types, pupils will consider what sort of evidence survives today from Roman building, with a focus on floor mosaics. Pupils will then design their own floor mosaic fit for a wealthy Roman villa.



  • To compare different types of houses from Roman Britain

  • To give examples of evidence that survives from Roman buildings


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  • File Format

    This resource is a zipped file containing 1 x PPT file (lesson slides) and 1 x PDF (lesson plan and pupil resource sheets).

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