Where did the Roman Empire come from?

Where did the Roman Empire come from?

A lesson for KS2 introducing the Roman Empire - including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets.

This lesson is part of our popular Roman Britain Lesson Pack for KS2.


Lesson: Where did the Roman Empire come from?

This lesson introduces the Roman Empire in its historical and geographical contexts. Pupils will make a timeline to set this period into the wider context of world history. Then they will learn two contrasting stories about the founding of Rome, discussing the difference between legends and historical fact.



  • To find out where the Roman Empire originated
  • To place the beginning of the Roman Empire onto a timeline
  • To evaluate stories about the founding of Rome


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    This resource is a zipped file containing 1 x PPT file (lesson slides) and 1 x PDF (lesson plan and pupil resource sheets).


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