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9. How did the Maya keep track of time?

9. How did the Maya keep track of time?

A lesson for KS2 introducing different Maya calendars and their key purposes   - including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets.

This lesson is part of our popular Maya Topic Lesson Pack for KS2.


Lesson: How did the Maya keep track of time?

This lesson is designed to help pupils to understand more about Maya calendars and concepts of time. In order to be able to interpret the calendars, pupils will first learn to understand Maya numbers. They will then find out about the different calendar cycles and their purposes. Pupils will have the opportunity to make their own tzolkin calendar and then use the glyphs to plan suitable activities for different dates. At the end of the lesson, pupils will be challenged to make links between Maya associations with key dates and contemporary beliefs and superstitions about time.



  • To compare Maya calendar cycles

  • To interpret Maya numbers and glyphs relating to dates

  • To explain the purposes of the different Maya calendars

  • File Format

    This resource is a zipped file containing:

    Lesson Plan and Resource Sheet (PDF file)

    Lesson Slides (both Powerpoint and PDF version included)

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