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4. What do Maya ruins tell us about city-states?

4. What do Maya ruins tell us about city-states?

A lesson for KS2 exploring Maya city-states - including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and printable activity sheets.

This lesson is part of our popular Maya Topic Lesson Pack for KS2.


Lesson: What do Maya ruins tell us about city-states?

In this lesson, pupils will look at images of what is left in the once-thriving Maya city-state of Chichén Itzá. They will learn about the layout of city-states and the functions of different buildings, using accurate vocabulary to describe the features. Pupils will have the opportunity to produce a detailed map or model of a city-state and they will finish the lesson with a comparison task looking at the similarities and differences between Maya and Ancient Egyptian pyramids



  • To evaluate what key Maya sites tell us about city-states

  • To give an example of a Maya city-state and describe some of the ruins found there today

  • To describe the features of Maya city-states

  • File Format

    This resource is a zipped file containing:

    Lesson Plan and Resource Sheet (PDF file)

    Lesson Slides (both Powerpoint and PDF version included)

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