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Stone Age to Iron Age Resource Pack (Download)

Stone Age to Iron Age Resource Pack (Download)

A fully-resourced unit of 10 history lessons for KS2, covering the Stone Age to Iron Age topic. This KS2History planning pack includes 10 detailed lesson plans, each with accompanying pupil resource sheets and Powerpoint slides.



> 10 detailed lesson plans

> 10 Powerpoint files

> Teachers' notes including curriculum coverage

> Pupil activity sheets for all lessons

The ten sessions in this unit aim to give an overview of the period from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain and to highlight some of the major changes during this period. There is an emphasis on allowing pupils to consider the sources of evidence that form our understanding of this period of British history.


The aims of the unit for pupils are:

  • To gain an overview of the major changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • To consider how we know about a historical period without written sources
  • To research what it might have been like to live in Britain during this period


This pack contains everything you need to teach this unit, including differentiated activity ideas so that it can be adapted to the needs of your class. The Powerpoint text is also editable.


The planning pack covers the following lessons:

  • What does prehistory mean?
  • How did hunter-gatherers survive in the Stone Age?
  • What was Stone Age cave art?
  • What kind of sources tell us about the Stone Age?
  • What was Skara Brae?
  • Why are there so many mysteries about Stonehenge?
  • How did bronze replace stone in the Bronze Age?
  • What do grave goods tell us about the Bronze Age?
  • What was life like in an Iron Age hill fort?
  • What was Iron Age art like?

Buyers will receive links to download their digital products in the Thank You page after the checkout process, along with a download link sent to the email address used in the transaction. It is a large, zipped file and may take a few minutes to download. 

  • File Formats

    This zipped folder of resources contains:

    1 x PDF files containing lesson plans, teacher guides and pupil resource sheets

    10 x Powerpoint files (one for each lesson)

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