9. How did the Anglo-Saxons find out about Christianity?

A full lesson for KS2 about Anglo-Saxon religion, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and pupil resource sheets.


How did the Anglo-Saxons find out about Christianity?
This lesson is designed to help pupils to understand key concepts of paganism and Christianity and how the two religions existed side by side in the Anglo-Saxon period. Pupils will complete a dictionary challenge to become familiar with associated vocabulary and then they learn about three important Christian missionaries. They will watch a video to reflect on how Christianity spread across Anglo-Saxon Britain and then design commemorative stained glass windows depicting key figures.



  • To find out about Anglo-Saxon religious beliefs
  • To learn about key figures who helped the Anglo-Saxons to find out about Christianity

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class.


This lesson is part of the KS2History Anglo-Saxons Planning Pack for KS2.


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