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6. Who was Alfred the Great?

6. Who was Alfred the Great?

A full lesson for KS2 about King Alfred the Great, including a detailed lesson plan, Powerpoint and pupil resource sheets.

Who was Alfred the Great?
In this lesson, pupils will find out why Alfred was a significant figure in Anglo-Saxon history. Pupils will listen to Alfred’s story and consider why he left a legacy as a ‘great’ king. They will then design a commemorative statue and be challenged to think about why historians sometimes doubt the truthfulness of the historical sources that tell us about King Alfred.



  • To explore the story of Anglo-Saxon King Alfred
  • To consider why Alfred is remembered as ‘The Great’

The lesson plan includes differentiation ideas to adapt the activities for the needs of your class.


This lesson is part of the KS2History Anglo-Saxons Planning Pack for KS2.


  • File Formats

    1 x PDF File (lesson plan and pupil resource sheets)

    1 x Powerpoint (whiteboard slides)

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