Stig of the Dump Teacher's Pack

Stig of the Dump Teacher's Pack

This pack is for planning literacy work using the book Stig of the Dump. The pack includes a paperback copy of Stig of the Dump and a paperback copy of the Read & Respond Teacher Guide with interactive CD-ROM.



> 1 x Paperback copy of Stig of the Dump

> 1 x Paperback Read & Respond Guide including interactive CD-ROM



The Read & Respond Guide includes:

  • shared texts mapped to curriculum objectives

  • background information and chapter notes

  • guided reading notes

  • SPAG activities

  • focussed reading activities including non-fiction extracts

  • speaking and listening activities

  • creative ideas

  • writing projects

  • photocopiable worksheets

  • assessment guidance. 


The interactive CD-ROM includes:

  • Teaching notes and lesson plans

  • An author interview/biography

  • Audio clips

  • Printable text extracts

  • Photographs and video clips

  • Interactive word bank

  • A selection of interactive whiteboard activities.


The pack will be posted in 1-3 working days.